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Let me start by saying that I have never had an ant problem before. Not in the almost 11 years I lived in my apartment nor in the five years I've lived here in this house. And I'm sure that compared to many ant problems, mine are relatively minimal. But last weekend I started finding several a day wandering around the downstairs bathroom and the kitchen sink area. And I found maybe 10 or so Monday evening while I was on the phone with my mom.

So, on her suggestion I went out to Home Depot and bought a couple of cans of ant spray. I got home and did the whole foundation of the house before I went back in. Then I shut my cat upstairs in the bedroom and sprayed the kitchen area, under the sink, and the bathroom. Then I went downstairs and began the Great Monday Night Ant Massacre. I think they were coming in from under the basement door, crawling up the wall, into the insulation and up the pipes into the bathroom and kitchen. I will not go into gory details, but massacre it was.

I felt bad as I try to avoid killing things - I'll scoop spiders up on a piece of paper and take them outside or leave 'em be if they're small enough. But ants? Make me squeamish and I know what a mess they can make of a house once they get a foothold. So my ant policy is, "Stay outside and I will let you be. Come in my house and I will need to kill you."

I was just feeling pretty good and had seen no ants at all until last night I was feeling a bit peckish and went in to make some soup or something and there was an ant running around on the sink (and one dead in a pan I had soaking). I got all freaked out and creepy. (And dreamed of killing ants in my living room, just more and more kept coming in.) And today found one more dead one and I think I saw a live one go under the dishwasher.

So... after going out to dinner and to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith (which I absolutely LOVED) I stopped and bought more ant spray and some ant traps. I resprayed the basement (though I only saw one very slow moving ant while I was down there) and set out the ant traps. Then I sprayed again under the kitchen sink. I'm hoping that will take care of things 'cause it's all just creeping me out.


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