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So I got a new car today. Some of you know that my dear 13 year old Plymouth Neon has been acting up lately. I've been looking, pretty much planning to seriously get a new car in a few weeks when I'm on April vacation. But, I had a bit of a scare Wednesday night - terrible smell, grinding noise etc. I thought I'd need to be towed home from my workshop. But it was fine driving home and all day Thursday. However, for some reason, on my way to go see my mother yesterday a little voice said to stop in and check the dealerships just for the heck of it.

So, I did and found a fabulous 2006 Nissan Sentra, shiny black, 12000 miles. And put down a deposit contingent upon mechanic and dad approval. And today I bought it.

Which was terribly fortuitous as my old car started failing as I drove to my parents to get my dad and go look at and pay for the new car. I wasn't sure we'd make it all the way to the dealer's. I'm still pretty shocked that it did. But in any case, one wild test ride later - as my dad checked brakes, alignment, holding at speed, etc - I had a new car. And I do love her already.

So... here's to Lexie who's not long for this world, I fear, and to my new car who is yet to be named!

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Anyway, I am terribly happy, grateful to my parents for their emotional and financial support, and relieved to finally feel that I have a really safe car that I can drive without worrying. :)


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