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It's weird.

My roads are clear, the sun is - okay was shining - no snow anywhere and yet almost every school in the state has already called in to be closed for tomorrow.

Why? Because most of the state is still without power.

Yes. We had a huge ice storm here Thursday afternoon into Friday in New Hampshire and it took down power lines big time all over the place. We're in a Federal State of Emergency, there are shelters open (and filling up fast) everywhere, tons of roads are still closed due to trees and power lines being down, and they say some places may not have power for up to two weeks.

I'm lucky. I'm on an important grid so I was only without power for 23 hours. My close by sister was out for 48. My parents and farther away sister are still out with no idea when it might get back on.

School everywhere was closed Friday, of course, no power plus really dangerous roads, but it seems weird to have it closed tomorrow already. (Not to mention that my district never closes the night before. Okay, I remember it closing the night before once in the 20 years I've been teaching.)

Not that I'm complaining. I just hope power comes back on soon for people. It's too cold to be without heat here this time of year. If you have good insulation one night or so isn't too bad. My house only dropped about 15 degrees that first night (from 68 to 53), but I was heading down close to 45 degrees when my power came back on around 8PM the next night.

So think some good thoughts, if you have a moment, for all the people up this way who are struggling. Thanks.


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