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So my cat went blind again tonight. You can actually see the blood behind her right eye if the light catches it right. I bumped up her blood pressure meds to what the animal hospital had her on initially and will talk to my vet in the AM. Poor confused little thing. Any good thoughts/prayers would be appreciated.

Kachina 2

Jun. 7th, 2011 08:40 pm
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Kachina is doing pretty well. Saw my own vet today and was able to hold her as they took her blood pressure. She was very calm in my arms, let the vet shine nasty bright lights in her eyes and everything. Her blood pressure was down to 110/60 (from 250 on Sunday), so the vet was thrilled. (And impressed as they couldn't believe how low it is since at the vet's most cats aren't anywhere near that low due to stress.) Her pupils were at least somewhat reactive to light and one of her retinas is still partially attached or has reattached, so there's a good chance she'll regain at least a little sight in that eye. And I actually notice her being aware of at least some light and shadows - not bumping into walls, walking in the middle of the hallway and doorways instead of edging along the walls, moving away when I moved something in her direction, etc.

Best part is we don't need to go back to the vet's for two weeks - barring anything crazy happening.

I did end up getting up about 4AM to take my bed off of its frame since she was having trouble hopping all the way up there and was wandering around it yowling till I'd pick her up and put her on the bed. She'd snuggle in for a while, then hop down to get food or water, come back and begin the yowling all over again. With it on the floor, she can hop up easily all on her own so that will help. And it gives my bedroom an interesting eastern-ish feel.

I'm very relieved and also completely exhausted. I think it's time for a cool shower, a little reading in bed, and an early night. Thanks everyone for your support.


Jun. 6th, 2011 09:46 pm
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It's been a stressful twenty-four hours. I came home last night to my one-month-from-seventeen years old cat happily leaping up onto furniture and half an hour later she just... went blind and started walking into things. So, I googled sudden blindness in cats and decided the best thing to do was to take her to the emergency animal hospital. We were there for ages and they found her blood pressure was up around 250 (the vet said he'd like to see it no higher than 150, yikes) and that was the cause for the blindness. It's probably caused by an underlying problem like kidney, thyroid, or heart problems. The kidney and heart seem fairly okay, testing for thyroid tomorrow.

I couldn't get her to my vet today for the necessary blood pressure check (they put her on meds and need to see how it's working and be able to tweak it) because they could only get me in at 11:20. I teach in a small non-profit school for kids with serious behavioral issues - 3 classrooms with 3 teachers, 2 aides, a principal, a counselor, and our behavioral supervisor. We're shorter staffed than usual because we're down in numbers and today my aide and the behavioral supervisor were going to be out and everyone else was straight out. There was no way I could leave for several hours in the middle of the day (and just the transport getting her and going to the vet's and then reversing would be an hour or so), so...

I ended up going back to the e.r. for the check and while she was only down to 230, her pupils were somewhat responsive to light which they were not at all yesterday. There is the slimmest of chances that she could regain some sight, so at least that's hopeful.

She's managing well, can find her water dish, the litter box, make the big jump up onto the bed to sleep and/or snuggle (though she looks a bit like a deranged kangaroo with the crazy leap she makes). She's not walking around and around brailling the rooms constantly and she's not running into the walls quite as much. The only big issue was that she hadn't eaten since sometime before 7:30 last night and she's now a teeny tiny cat (only about 5 pounds - down from the 13 before she got sick last spring), so that was a big worry.

But a short time ago she wandered into the living room licking her lips and I got up and dashed into the bedroom to discover that she'd begun to eat. She's had even a bit more since then, so while she's still a bit behind calorie-wise I feel much better. I'll definitely sleep better tonight.
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She's eating! Not a ton yet, probably less than a 1/4 cup so far today (she usually eats a third to a half a cup a day), but she's eating! And she's found her voice again and is following me around being demanding of attention and petting which she hasn't done in a week. And today for the first time in a week she did her normal poke and yowl to wake me for petting in the morning. I was so happy to be annoyed I can't even tell you.

I'm truly hopeful again for the first time in days. Even my mom yesterday was pretty convinced Kachina wouldn't make it through the night because she was so off.

Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts and wishes and all and please keep them coming!

Also... I find it interesting that she got sick when my potential buyer moved all her stuff into my house last weekend and perked up when the woman moved it all out again today. Hmmm...


Jun. 26th, 2010 09:57 pm
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Just prepared the draft of my letter to withdraw from my contract on the house I was going to buy. Wasn't that fun. Not.

Also, my cat is still not eating. I've been trying to syringe feed her with the special canned food the vet gave me for that purpose, but she's fighting it worse and worse each time and grinding her teeth (which makes me worry I'm doing something to her jaw) and growling. She hasn't tried to scratch or bite me, but I'm concerned that's next.

I'm so torn. If she was clearly failing and not herself I could accept (or try to) that it was her time as she is 16 years old. But since she's mostly herself, except more tired, I don't know if I keep forcing food into her or what. I got about a third of a can into her today before I went off for the afternoon (we both needed a break) and I just don't know if I try giving her more or wait till tomorrow or what to do. God, this is miserable.

And tomorrow the woman who was going to buy my house comes at noon to take all of her stuff out of my house. My sister's coming over so I don't have to be alone trying valiantly to be all fine with things while she's here.

However, my youngest sister finally sold her car and can get rid of that debt, my second youngest sister managed to both politely confront her boss about some of her concerns without losing her job AND get some amazing concessions from him, and my other sister will probably be able to have her job become full time so she'll have benefits for herself and her kids. So... not all is bad in the family. Just in my household apparently.

Prayers and good wishes still much appreciated.
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I know I've been quiet lately - wow, what a shock, Mai not posting much on LJ, who'da thought?! - but things have been crazy here.

Wherein Mai sells her house, except where it all goes wrong and she can't, and then her cat becomes very ill... )

Anyway, that's the story of Mai. All prayers, good thoughts and wishes, whatever for my poor kitten girl would be much appreciated.
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So I dreamed last night that I was working in some fairly swanky place. I had a nice office - large, thick carpet, greyish silver walls - just very luxurious and yet homey feeling. It was on the first floor and opened out into a sort of wooded garden with rock stepping stone stairs going up into a foresty glade type thing. However, I was apparently upstairs doing some other things when someone came up to tell me that a co-worker (whom I knew in my dream I had never particularly liked) had decided to use my office for something and somehow my cat had gotten out.

Now you'd have to know my cat, but she's 14 and the only way she'd go outside is to be forcibly dragged kicking and fighting, so I knew this co-worker had somehow managed to throw her out or scare her out. The person who came to tell me said they'd been searching for my cat for half an hour or so and they'd finally decided someone should come tell me.

I was such a mixture of furious and terrified. I ran down to my office and out the door, looking around frantically, and then started up the rock stepping stone stairs. I called for Kachina, not expecting an answer, but suddenly from under the stepping stone next up the stairs, this little black and white head poked right out with her little 'purrup' noise that she makes when she's particularly glad to see me. Then she squeezed out and I scooped her up and she was so scared that she actually let me and purred and purred and I woke up all happy.
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My cat had me giggling myself to sleep last night.

For some bizarre reason I decided last night that it was The Time to wash my blanket and comforter. So I did. Of course, the comforter required a couple of extra cycles to thoroughly dry and all the upping and downing of stairs left me too achy and exhausted to shower before bed and there was no way I was climbing into squeaky clean everything without a squeaky clean me to go along. So, I left the old sheets on the bed and just threw an old comforter over them instead of my blanket and figured I'd do the actual sheet etc. changing today.

All good, right?

So, I climb in and curl up and eventually my cat hops up to snuggle in. She almost always does the chair to bookcase to head of bed maneuver (she's 13 and a half and not always as spry as she was, though sometimes she still does the straight jump up). In any case, she gets on the bed, walks onto the comforter and starts grumping. She walked down to the foot of the bed, started to climb over my legs, then turned around and scurried back up by my pillow to yowl at me. I was laughing, which got me the evil eye, but she also looked terribly pitiful hiding up by my pillow so as not to be touching the Comforter of Evil.

I coaxed her back onto it, thinking she'd just settle down, but no, she was back up by my pillow complaining pitifully in seconds. Finally I had to pull it up off a section of the bed and coax her down onto the plain sheets. She stood and glared at the comforter, grumbled, glared at me, walked about and finally sat and glared and grumbled from there. After a lot of petting she did a last turn around, slid up against my butt, batted the Comforter of Evil even further away and lay down, grumbling and meeping the whole time.

I? Was giggling the whole time. Which got me a few pokes, a few butt shoves (which only made me worse) and much aggrieved grumbling and assorted other noises as I giggled myself to sleep.
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And since [ profile] thefannishwaldo pointed out that Kachina Meeps would be morally outraged that she was not in any of the preceeding photos...

My wonderful cat... )

I love my cat a lot too. :)


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