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The news article about Kate's death.

Did I mention my friend and I were heading up to Keene on Monday to see her? That's how we found out about her death before it made the papers. My friend was contacting people to see if they'd be around and asked Kate's office mate, Peter (from the article) if he'd be around and if he could ask Kate if she would be.

The article )

I will truly miss her.
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Some of you who were around in 2003 may remember me writing about an amazing woman whom I was proud to call not only a teacher, but a friend. Her name was Kate Phillips also known as Kay Linaker (her screen name).

She was an incredible person who not only taught me amazing things about acting (and how to scream), but also taught me about life and the important things one should do and attempt to be. Only twice in all the years I knew her, did I hear her say an unkind thing about anyone. And one of those was simply, "Well, I bent over backwards to give him the benefit of the doubt and I shouldn't have. I am done with him."

She knew and worked with almost everyone in Hollywood during the 30's and 40's and could tell stories for hours - never name dropping, simply talking about her friends and colleagues who happened to have rather famous names. Someday my friend and I should sit down and try to put the stories she told us down in writing to be able to keep.

I just found out that she died this past Friday, April 18th. She would have been 95 this summer.

As my Faux Bro says, I am melancholy because I will miss her, but not devastated at the loss, because if anyone ever lived a full life it was Kate. She did things most of us never even dream of and she touched and affected more people's lives in a positive way than most of us will ever manage no matter how hard we try.

Besides, she's finally back with her beloved Howard, whom she has missed terribly for many many years.

So, if you have a moment and are so inclined, please think a good thought for the most amazing woman I ever met and wish her well on her way to her next great adventure.


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