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She's eating! Not a ton yet, probably less than a 1/4 cup so far today (she usually eats a third to a half a cup a day), but she's eating! And she's found her voice again and is following me around being demanding of attention and petting which she hasn't done in a week. And today for the first time in a week she did her normal poke and yowl to wake me for petting in the morning. I was so happy to be annoyed I can't even tell you.

I'm truly hopeful again for the first time in days. Even my mom yesterday was pretty convinced Kachina wouldn't make it through the night because she was so off.

Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts and wishes and all and please keep them coming!

Also... I find it interesting that she got sick when my potential buyer moved all her stuff into my house last weekend and perked up when the woman moved it all out again today. Hmmm...


Jun. 26th, 2010 09:57 pm
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Just prepared the draft of my letter to withdraw from my contract on the house I was going to buy. Wasn't that fun. Not.

Also, my cat is still not eating. I've been trying to syringe feed her with the special canned food the vet gave me for that purpose, but she's fighting it worse and worse each time and grinding her teeth (which makes me worry I'm doing something to her jaw) and growling. She hasn't tried to scratch or bite me, but I'm concerned that's next.

I'm so torn. If she was clearly failing and not herself I could accept (or try to) that it was her time as she is 16 years old. But since she's mostly herself, except more tired, I don't know if I keep forcing food into her or what. I got about a third of a can into her today before I went off for the afternoon (we both needed a break) and I just don't know if I try giving her more or wait till tomorrow or what to do. God, this is miserable.

And tomorrow the woman who was going to buy my house comes at noon to take all of her stuff out of my house. My sister's coming over so I don't have to be alone trying valiantly to be all fine with things while she's here.

However, my youngest sister finally sold her car and can get rid of that debt, my second youngest sister managed to both politely confront her boss about some of her concerns without losing her job AND get some amazing concessions from him, and my other sister will probably be able to have her job become full time so she'll have benefits for herself and her kids. So... not all is bad in the family. Just in my household apparently.

Prayers and good wishes still much appreciated.
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I know I've been quiet lately - wow, what a shock, Mai not posting much on LJ, who'da thought?! - but things have been crazy here.

Wherein Mai sells her house, except where it all goes wrong and she can't, and then her cat becomes very ill... )

Anyway, that's the story of Mai. All prayers, good thoughts and wishes, whatever for my poor kitten girl would be much appreciated.


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