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So, turns out the pesticide the condo uses may indeed be bad/dangerous to my really cool prospective tenant's health so she's not coming to visit and the whole thing is off.

Which means I'm starting again from square one.

It's quite a big disappointment, because as of last night we were almost at the all but signing the papers stage.


Well, keep me in your thoughts and all as I look for someone else, now.
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My roommate just emailed me and said she's probably moving out in August because she can't afford my rent anymore. She's constantly behind and still owes me three months rent from when she was unemployed.

I am trying very hard not to panic, but my cushion of 'can manage up to 14 months without a roommate' is down to 4 months since I had to buy a new car much earlier than planned.

I am hoping that I can find a new one before she leaves and I'm sure that, even if I can't, an additional 4 months will be plenty - I only needed 2, I think to find her. Still... God, I was just thinking that she was finally paying her rent mostly on time, school is going to be out tomorrow... I finally would have a little time to be relaxed and not worry about everything. Instead I get this.


Please send me good thoughts, energy, roommate finding vibes, etc.

Thanks. :(


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