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Okay, so I'm on my third round of antibiotics in four and a half weeks and my second round of oral and inhaled steroids. I actually don't feel too crummy this time - a little stuffy and really exhausted - but not much coughing or anything. It was just that I started not being able to take deep breaths yesterday, which resulted in me feeling constantly out of breath, and I was so exhausted I'd fallen asleep at my computer shortly after 8:30.

Today, I just felt like I couldn't get any air in except very shallowly. So off to the doctor's where my blood oxygen was down to 80%. So nebulizer treatment, tons of meds and I'm feeling a bit better. Of course, I'm lying on my couch and not really needing much deep breathing.

Sounds like this weekend will be yet another lie-on-my-couch-and-doze time.

Oh, and of course, the steroid hungries have kicked in and I'm starving!!

Still, I have 2 large orders of my favorite wonton soup tucked away in the fridge, lots of juice and vitamin water, good books, and some DVD's I haven't seen. Life could be far worse.
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I think I've told most of the people it affects directly, but my brain's a bit tired and fuzzy, so just in case, I wanted to put a quick note here.

Per doctor's orders I am basically now home on bed/couch rest through Monday.

Wow. Counting yesterday that makes this a six day weekend. And a little scary given that I only get 4 personal/sick days per year.

I thought I could get away with just being out most of yesterday and today, but when I pushed my doctor held firm - which she's never done before so I figured I'd better listen.

So, online people it won't affect much since I'm here and too miserable to actually sleep much still, though I am subject to sudden disappearances if/when I drop off randomly and the general losing track of threads/conversations/etc.

Offline people, well... you can give a call or text or stop by (though I'm mostly doing the random staring at bad TV or dozing thing and talking sets the coughing off even more), but I'm not going anywhere till probably at least Monday (except for my Friday night commitment, but L's driving and I'll just be quietly watching a play) so...

Anyway, that's the state of the Mai at the moment.

ETA: Obviously, above I mean 'people I only interact with online' and 'people I also know/hang with off-line', 'cause otherwise it would be silly to tell people who actually were never online this info here. And now, well, I'm confusing even myself. *facepalms*


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