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So, tonight is the big New Hampshire Theatre Awards - kind of our version of the Tonys. A great number of my friends and a few plays I've been in are up for major awards, I've had my ticket for months, and yet... perhaps someone has noticed I'm here posting on my lj? And no, I don't have the type of phone that would let me post from the show.

So why am I here?

Well, I have a really nasty allergy to theatre fog and haze. Like, it sends a nice message to my autonomic nervous system that says breathing is not necessary. At all. I can make myself breathe if I want and work at it - but I don't, and get rather grumpily unpleasant about refusing if people prompt me to (as I'm waiting for transport to clinic or hospital for assistance).

Now, mind you, fog has been banned in equity theatres due to health risks, but community theatres don't have to follow those restrictions. It's always used on occasion and usually I can avoid it. However, lately it's become a problem.

I've been unable to go to a number of shows because they were using huge amounts of the stuff. I've had to flee from other shows because they've denied they were going to use any when I bought my ticket and as I'm sitting there suddenly the fog comes on. I've had to explain to multiple people that no, I'm not going to just go try and see if I'm still allergic to it and/or if this newer/different version will still affect me. Not unless they're willing to have an ambulance standing by and be willing to pick up all my medical bills, sorry. This isn't a nasty rash and a little wheezing that my inhaler and a benadryl will take care of. I. Stop. Breathing.

My friends have been very good about calling and emailing to warn me of fog in shows and today when I arrived at the pre-show dinner one of them pulled me aside and said they'd been at the theatre earlier and it had been filled with fog. So, I called and sure enough they told me yes, they'd be using haze throughout the show.

Which means, no show for me. I'm out $30, which is a lot for a poor teacher, I don't get to see the friends I generally only see at the awards, and if *fingers crossed* my friends or one of my shows wins an award I won't be there. I am an Unhappy Mai.

And, just to add insult to injury, when I got out to my parked car to head the 30 minutes back home instead of walking over to the theatre, I found that someone had hit my parked car and knocked the driver's side mirror all but off. So I had to drive around in the dark to find the police station, file a report (which necessitated a trip back across a busy and slippery street to find my car's VIN number), and then drive home on a busy highway while craning around to try and see something out of my crazily hanging off driver's side mirror.

Thank heaven there was Supernatural and Merlin tonight!


Dec. 19th, 2010 07:15 pm
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I have just finished my last theatre performance for 2010. This will be the first time I have not been involved in a play (at one point I had EIGHT going!!) since the beginning of February. (I was not at all sure I'd survive August through October!) I love my theatre, but I did take on a bit much this year given that I, oh, have an actual JOB that requires a lot of time. It will be nice to have a small break.

I say small, because my next performance is January 8th, so I'll be back to rehearsals the first week of January. And then we've got the January 15th show, rehearsals for Six Nights so we'll be ready for a show at the end of February and the Regional competition the first weekend in March, the reprise of Crimes of the Heart in mid February, and directing a one act later in March.

What did I say about a break? *grins*

This last show was great. We did it as a charity fundraiser for a rape and domestic violence center and raised almost $1000 in one weekend. We also had a cast sleepover last night and stayed up till, oh... 3AM or so - which was a blast, but has left me a Very Tired Mai.
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For those of you who've been wondering where I am - not that I post much, okay, but I do chat with a number of you all... All right, come on, pretend you missed me or wondered, okay?

Anyway, I've been dead swamped in theatre land. It's been great, but, between that and the beginning of school, life has been insane. I barely manage to do more than check my flists and log into whatever RP stuff I absolutely must.

But now that I'm down to, um... *counts*... 2 full-length shows in rehearsal and three upcoming dinner theatres, I can breathe a bit again.

Two weekends ago I directed two ten minute plays - first real stuff I've directed since college - at a big festival based on the Seven Deadly Sins. I got to direct the two Envy plays and had a blast with that although it was insane trying to find time for that around the three full-length plays I was involved with at the time and school and finding a roommate and all that good stuff (found one by the way, keep your fingers crossed she works out!). It was easier once the first two plays closed, but then I had to go back into rehearsal for one of them since we were bringing it to the New Hampshire Community Theatre Festival for competition this weekend.

Long crazy and stressful! Still, the directing went fabulously - and one of the playwrights wants to work with me because she loved what I did with her play and a couple of people said they thought the other one of my plays was the best there. Absolutely great if exhausting experience.

And this weekend? The play where I'm part of the black gospel choir? (Yes, I'm white, shush.) Well, we won. We won two awards for excellence in acting for our male leads, Best Actress in festival, Best Director in festival and Best Play. Which means we go to the regionals. And if we can pull off first or second place there in March, we could go to nationals.

The adjudicators loved the choir, couldn't imagine how the play worked before without one, and one of them offered to help work with our group to tighten it up and revamp the problem spots before regionals.

It was an amazing day yesterday. I'm surprised my head still fits through the doorway!
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So, I have one week left of intensive rehearsals before tech week for Steel Magnolias starts. Yes, if you're anywhere near the Southern NH area and want to see a fabulous show, contact me and I'll tell you how to come see it.

I've been and will be a little crazy busy and even when I'm online I often don't/won't have the brain energy to do much.

Also, as some of you know, I've been having bad shoulder pain since May which we were attributing to issues with my rheumatoid arthritis. I had an MRI Wednesday and it turns out that the pain is actually due to a full thickness tear in my right rotator cuff. Which explains why I haven't been able to sleep more than an hour or two at a time because of the pain since May. I'll know more about the whens and whethers of surgery next Friday when I get in to see the orthopedic specialist, but it's not looking great that I'll be able to avoid surgery.

Which means 6 weeks unable to use my dominant arm. And since I effectively live alone... it's going to be a real challenge. I have a man who rents rooms in my house and we're friendly, but not friends, and he's really not someone I'd feel comfortable with helping me dress and shower and such, so...

So, I'm a little stressed and trying not to cross bridges till I come to them, but yeah... distracted, low brain energy, etc.

If you need me for anything drop a line or catch me on AIM. I'm still around, just probably being all failboat on RP and stuff.


Apr. 10th, 2009 11:04 pm
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So we're doing a show tonight, upstairs in our performance space and downstairs, directly below us, is a loud crazy Pentecostal church service going on.

So, we're trying to do this play adaptation of a Jodi Picoult book about teen suicide - quiet, delicate, and angsty - while underneath us we have people yelling and screaming in Spanish and apparently jumping up and down as the pastor/minister exhorted them to get even louder as he yelled over his microphone and they played really really loud music with miked singing and a full drum kit and people were screeching and Oh. My. God.

It was loud and crazy enough that if I hadn't known what was going on I'd have been a little frightened. It sounded like a riot had broken out, but no, it was just the worship service.

It was a very surreal night. I have no idea how our audience could manage to pay attention. It was all I could do to get through my scene, practically yelling to be heard. And since we're in the room about the size of a small classroom... Shouldn't have to scream to be heard.

The landlord didn't think it should be an issue to have us both there the same night. And in fact, they'll at least be there again during our Sunday matinee this weekend and possibly also there with three or four other church groups for a really rocking get together the last Friday we perform.

We might do better handing out earplugs, giving each audience member a copy of the script and just putting on a slide show.


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