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Overdid, overdid, overdid.


Mom called last night about 9 and said she was going to come over and help plant my rosebush and re-glue the glass panes in my curio cabinet today. Which was lovely of her. She'd be here by 9:30AM, which is early for me on vacation.

And meant that I began cleaning like a fool, as I've been a bum lately. Bathroom scrubbing, box moving, floor and counter scrubbing in the kitchen (largely 'cause my roommate isn't the neatest there), straightening and dealing with clutter in living room, bedroom and dining room, carrying out of various boxes and such. That was last night.

Then this morning. Up at 7. More straightening, vaccuming, sweeping, and hey, while we're at it, how about a load of laundry (did keep it to only one, thank heavens!). Managed to get as far as switching it into the dryer before 9:30.

Mom arrived. We moved the (very large) curio cabinet out, and got it ready to reglue the glass. Did the first three sections, went out and planted the rosebush. Checked glue. Still not dry. Drove her to Trader Joe's. She loves it there, but hates the drive so since my house is closer and we were waiting for glue to dry, it was a nice break. Came back, glued the last two pieces of glass. Moved a 30 pound bag of salt and a 60 pound tube of sand into the basement. Stood up curio and moved it back into place. Assured mom I'd sit out in the sun for a while. Thanked her and waved her goodbye.

(Also in here ran up and down stairs about 20 times over the course of the morning and struggled with opening windows from inconvenient angles that haven't been opened all winter.)

Sat in sun for about 2 hours. Ate some gyoza that I'd gotten from Trader Joe's (in said sun). Finally brought laundry upstairs (2 more flights of stairs) and put it away.

This? All waaaaay too much for my rheumatoid arthritis-y self. Popped 2 extra strength Tylenol, stripped down and crawled into bed. Slept for 3 hours. Ordered pizza for dinner. Evening on the couch. Now, going to take more Tylenol and head to bed. And pray that I don't pay for this even more tomorrow!


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