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So... left my house Friday morning at 5:30 AM. (Both my friend TJ and I had really been awake since about 3:15, just with those pre-trip anticipation jitters etc.) We drove to the park and ride and caught the hour bus into Logan airport - arriving about 7AM. We checked in and went to wait for our 9AM flight to Atlanta and then on to Savannah. Round about 8:30AM we were told there was a problem with the plane. Nothing big, just a pesky light that wouldn't go off. Problem was it was a no-go light so they needed to reboot and what all. And about 9:30 they were still working. And about 10 the plane wasn't going anywhere. And about 10:30 they were going to fly a part in from Atlanta (3 hour flight) and/or "swap tails" and put us on a different plane - probably by 12:30. Keep in mind that I needed to be in Savannah for the 4PM wedding rehearsal...

So around 11, they said nope, maybe they'd get us on a plane at 2:30, but then didn't know if they'd have a connecting flight to Savannah for us. Oh yeah, the best man was also flying out with us which meant that 2/5th of the wedding party was stuck at Logan...

So, we had lunch. And then they told us the plane was a definite for 2:30 - at least to start loading by then and that they'd gotten us a connecting flight leaving Atlanta at 4:38.

Now, if you have basic competency skills in math, it's pretty easy to see that leaving Logan at 2:30, flying for 3 hours and still making a flight at 4:30 doesn't quite work out... Which we pointed out. And they tried to get us another connecting flight - Delta had one at 10:30PM - and really by this time we were just screwed in terms of the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, but we just wanted to get to Savannah. Delta decided to charge AirTran $970 PER PERSON for this short, not-even close to sold out ONE HOUR flight. AirTran declined and offered to put us up for the night and fly us out from Atlanta at 9:20AM Saturday.

We flew into Atlanta and they hadn't put our luggage to be delivered, but had set it aside to be loaded into the plane the next morning. Despite the amazingly kind help of the supervisor, Michael Stanton, it took almost 2 hours for us to get our luggage. By which time we'd decided to simply rent a car and drive the 4 hours to Savannah.

So, we'd gotten into Atlanta about 5:30, discovered no baggage by 6, ate, got the last of the bags by almost 8, rented a car and started out. We arrived at the Inn about 12:30, called and woke up the groom who gotten our keys for us earlier and went up to our amazingly lovely rooms.

It was a really loooong day!

And now... to see what today brings in terms of revised schedules, etc.


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