Mar. 5th, 2006


Mar. 5th, 2006 12:50 am
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Just finished the last show of the "world premiere" of "Lanterns on Lamar" by Warren Perry at the Sue McIntyre New Playwright's Festival. We got to meet Warren and he gave us each a photo of Graceland - the play is about the day Elvis dies and features the ghost of Elvis and a number of wacky characters. It went beautifully tonight - the audience loved it and laughed hysterically throughout. It's the first time Warren has seen it performed. He did a staged reading which he was a part of about a year and a half ago, but no production. (Well, obviously if we're the "World Premiere", geez Mai!)

He's a great guy, invited us all down to the DC barbecue competition at the end of June that he and his brother are competing in - said he'd get us all passes - got our emails and wants to send up scripts to look at, and would love to find a way to get us to show off his play in other places.

It was a long couple of weeks leading up to it - especially since I was performing in another show as well as rehearsing (the dinner theatre I was in previously), but it went off well and it's over.

Now I have a dinner theatre to start rehearsing in a couple of weeks, but I only have like 20 lines - and most of them are "What'd he/she say, AL? What'd he/she say?" A good 10 minutes and I should have them down. (Well, okay, maybe 15...)

And if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you should see info on my next project. (You may have to click on "Current Productions" and then scroll down.) I'll be starring in a 2 person show for YTP - a pro theatre - in a production of "For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again". It's a huge part - the mother is the focus of the play as the son reminisces about her. Michel Tremblay, a famous French Canadian playwright, wrote it as a tribute to his mother who didn't live to see his first big hit. It'a a beautiful show and I'm both psyched and terrified to do it. [The number of lines I have to learn... Staggering! I plan to start tomorrow! ;) ]

Anyway, if anyone's been wondering where I am... that's where I've been. :)


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