Sep. 21st, 2006

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As most of you know, I'm a teacher. Most of my kids are well below grade level and highly resistant to trying something new. Writing in particular is a very painful thing for them. I always try very hard to get my kids interested in writing and one of the most effective things I've found is to let them write crazy stories about me. They love it when creative writing involves a "Crazy Maria" story.

Last week I was wearing an octagonal pendant and was going to ask if any of them had ever watched Smallville with the octagonal "key" for the spaceship. Somehow we got on a Stargate discussion. Turns out most of my kids watch both SG-1 and SGA and love it. Thus we ended up with a bunch of "Crazy Maria" and the Stargate stories. I promised [ profile] thefannishwaldo that I'd post them, so here they are.

Keep in mind, I only have 6 students at the moment (and only 5 got their stories finished). 3 read and write at a less than mid-second grade level (2 at a *barely* second grade level), one about a 4th grade level and one at a 5th. This is their first foray into creative writing with me for all but one of them. They had about 40 minutes to write.

That said... Enjoy! )

This week? Crazy Maria meets the Aztec and the Maya. Yes, we're combining social studies with creative writing and a Crazy Maria story. They were hysterical!


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