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For Jenny - Meg...

Happy Holidays! Hope you enjoy!

"And you were there. And you and you..."

She was driving, panicked, searching for the phone, and then there was a huge crash and everything went black, then brilliantly blindingly white.

When her vision cleared she was in an odd brightly colored place that some part of her brain recognized, but the rest was too muddled to make sense of. There was a house with two sets of legs sticking out from under it - one with classic pumps, the other with well polished dress shoes. And whispering. She was sure there was whispering, but every time she spun around it stopped.

And then there was this bubble coming down, growing bigger and bigger until it was large enough for a beautiful woman dressed in a fairy tale dress and holding a wand to step out of.

This... was all looking oddly familiar. And when the woman introduced herself as Piper, the Good Witch of Blueberry Hill, she had a funny feeling about what was coming next.

The dialogue was the same or mostly so and as the munchkins started appearing she recognized them as the children who had visited Milieux not so long ago. She recognized Rachel and Mary Grace and Marilyn, Nate, Sammi, little Minnie in car form... All sorts of kids, coming out of hiding with flowers and various things on their heads. Some of them she remembered, even if she didn't know their names, others just sort of seemed a little fuzzy off in the distance.

She thought idly to herself that she couldn't actually be Dorothy since she wasn't wearing blue-checked gingham and she didn't have Toto. But when she looked down, yes, she had the dress and while Toto wasn't there, a sleepy Neffie was looking up at her curiously and she couldn't quite help but reach down to scoop her up and snuggle her close.

"Let me guess," she said cutting off a song. "I have to go find the Wizard if I want to go home and that yellow brick road right there will take me to the Emerald City."

After a little hurried consultation about the repercussions of interrupted songs versus the possible anger of witches who dropped houses on people, the kids merrily waved her on her way, singing loudly and mostly off-key as she went.

"Well, Neffie," she said, unable to resist. "Looks like we're not in Kansas anymore." She couldn't be certain, but it looked like Neffie might just have rolled her eyes. "Never mind that now, we're about due for a meeting with a Scarecrow."

He wasn't hard to recognize - incredibly tall with lots of floppy hair - straw hair, that is - and she thought it only fitting that the character she'd loved most as a child would now be the guy she loved more than anything. Then again, she'd heard him sing so she was quick to put an end to that.

"Got it," she assured him. "You want the wizard to give you brains - though what you'd possibly do with more short of embarrass everyone in Mensa I have no idea. Please, yes, come with me to see the wizard and help me through all the craziness coming up. There's no one I'd want by my side more."

"Come on, one Tin Man coming up soon."

She almost laughed when she recognized the Tin Man, covered in silver paint and carrying a long wicked looking knife instead of an ax. "Dude," he protested squeakily as they quickly oiled him. "Use the good stuff, none of that cheap discount oil crap!" As soon as he was able he pulled the oil can away from them and finished it up himself, cursing about witches under his breath. "Haven't eaten in god only knows how freakin' long. And I'm not singing. Not that I can't, but have you seen the score? Little Metallica, sure, but this? Hell, no. And stop kissing the Scarecrow. Creeps me out to no end, though I can't quite put my finger on the why."

Meg stepped away from the Scarecrow with a blush. "Sorry about that. Okay, look, I must say I don't think I know many people with a bigger heart than yours, whatever you may think, but yes, we'd be glad to have you come along with us to meet the wizard."

She was watching for the Cowardly Lion, running through the list of guys she knew that might fit and completely drawing a blank. When a petite female lion ran out and growled at her and Neffie, then hid and cried when the Scarecrow and Tin Man advanced on her, she had her answer and couldn't stop the laughter.

The Cowardly Lion looked incredibly sad. "Lex never believed I was dangerous either."

"Yeah, but you showed him," Meg pointed out as the Scarecrow and the Tin Man nodded. "You're an incredibly brave woman, you just don't give yourself enough credit. If it makes you feel better I'll ask the wizard about some courage for you, but really, I don't think you need it."

She did let the Cowardly Lion sing a little bit of her song about what she'd do if she was the queen of the forest, largely because, well, she did have a much better voice than either of the guys, and also it distracted the Tin Man enough that Meg could sneak in a few kisses with the Scarecrow.

And then they were off, facing apple-throwing trees, an evil witch whose face seemed to shift between her father's and mother's, flying monkeys, sleep-inducing poppies and a blur of other challenges.

It was all very interesting, but after a while it started to get a little old. She had other things she needed to be doing and worrying about. Besides, the Scarecrow's straw was getting a little too scratchy to tolerate for that long.

So when they were finally granted an audience with the Wizard she marched right up and pulled aside the curtain. "Wyatt," she said, rolling her eyes. "Hiding here, just like you're hiding from your feelings about Isabel. Figures. I want to go home. Will you orb me?"

"I am the Great and Powerful -"

"Hello! Baby on board here," Meg said, pointing to her stomach. "Take me home or I'm telling Piper where you're hiding out."

"It's not the way the story ends," he protested, but she stopped him firmly.

"You know what? I think I'm gonna start taking charge of my own story from now on," Meg said thoughtfully. "In fact, I know I am. And I don't need anyone to tell me how to get home."

She hugged the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man tightly as she said goodbye, then turned to the Scarecrow. "If I'm right about this I'm going to see you really soon. And I'll expect more than a couple of scratchy kisses when I do."

She stepped back, closed her eyes and wished. And yes, even though she didn't have ruby slippers she clicked her heels together three times too. Over and over and ...

She opened her eyes to see Wyatt and Sam and Dean looking down at her. "I had the weirdest dream," she said. "And you were there. And you and you..."



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