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So I dreamed last night that I was working in some fairly swanky place. I had a nice office - large, thick carpet, greyish silver walls - just very luxurious and yet homey feeling. It was on the first floor and opened out into a sort of wooded garden with rock stepping stone stairs going up into a foresty glade type thing. However, I was apparently upstairs doing some other things when someone came up to tell me that a co-worker (whom I knew in my dream I had never particularly liked) had decided to use my office for something and somehow my cat had gotten out.

Now you'd have to know my cat, but she's 14 and the only way she'd go outside is to be forcibly dragged kicking and fighting, so I knew this co-worker had somehow managed to throw her out or scare her out. The person who came to tell me said they'd been searching for my cat for half an hour or so and they'd finally decided someone should come tell me.

I was such a mixture of furious and terrified. I ran down to my office and out the door, looking around frantically, and then started up the rock stepping stone stairs. I called for Kachina, not expecting an answer, but suddenly from under the stepping stone next up the stairs, this little black and white head poked right out with her little 'purrup' noise that she makes when she's particularly glad to see me. Then she squeezed out and I scooped her up and she was so scared that she actually let me and purred and purred and I woke up all happy.


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