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Thought I'd share this for anyone with similar problems. I've now turned off all my hover menus - we'll see if that helps. Looking into downloading maybe Firefox to see if that works any better, but hopefully this will be cleared up soon.

>>Thank you for your report. LiveJournal Support has received a number of reports
that comment pages are causing browser freezes for users in Internet Explorer,
Safari, Chrome, and the AOL browser.

This issue has been forwarded to LiveJournal developers, who will investigate
and take the appropriate steps to resolve it. You may be interested in watching
the lj_releases community at [],
where any fix will be announced once it has been implemented.

In the meantime, there is some indication that this issue may be related to
hover menus, so you may wish to temporarily disable hover menus to see if doing
so allows you to work around this problem. Should you need it, information about
hover menus and instructions for disabling them can be found at

We have also received reports that users are still able to comment without
problems using the quickreply comment box rather than the full comment page.
Finally, we have not received any reports of this issue in browsers other than
the four listed above, so you may be able to use a different browser as a
temporary solution.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused for you. Thank you
for your patience as developers investigate and work to resolve it.>>

Stupid LJ

Mar. 18th, 2010 09:57 pm
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Just an FYI...

I'm one of the lucky people for whom LJ's latest update has screwed up their ability to post comments. My browser's memory usage goes through the roof and then the browser freezes or crashes (and at home sometimes ends up freezing up my whole computer for several minutes). At work today it sent my browser into a perpetual loop. The mem usage would go up to 900,000K, the browser would stop and then reconnect to the site (where before it had just been giving me a stack overflow message) and then the mem usage would go up and... yeah...

Sometimes I can post with no problem and other times... not so much and since I'm tired of the 'how long will my old computer freeze for this time...?' I'll probably be mostly quiet until they fix whatever it is.

I, along with many others have support requests up for this, but I'd ask if any of you are having similar problems that you open a support request as well since the more complaints they have...

If anyone wants to contact me (since I can post, but not be sure I can reply) I'm at Maisfeeka on AIM and email is Maisfeeka at


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