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Some... 'friends' of mine have gotten me into Supernatural. Which, of course, they were right and I love. But even if I hated it I would still be incredibly grateful.

In one of the episodes, there is a little prayer about angels watching over people. And it made me remember something I haven't thought about in a very long time.

My VoVo (Portuguese for grandmother) always used to say a special prayer for us when we went to bed. And since I slept at her house quite regularly or got tucked in by her at my own house, it was something that was very special and comforting to me. And like most things like that in my life, there was also a fair bit of humor attached.

The original prayer was "God Bless you, and may all the little angels bless you and keep you happy and keep you safe and keep you well."

Well, at some point in the punchy little kids way, we had to ask, "What about the big angels?" So, she gamely added in ".. may all the little angels and the big angels..."

And then, well, we didn't want the medium-sized angels left out.

So, it became a wonderful comforting and funny little ritual. She'd hug us and bury her face in our neck and murmur the prayer while we added in angel sizes and she corrected herself and we giggled like crazy because it tickled to have her murmur into our necks and we'd murmur back and tickle hers and we went off to bed happy. And safe and well.

I can't believe I could have forgotten that. And I'm so glad I remembered now.

God, I miss her. But I'm sure she's up there somewhere, looking down on us with all the little angels and the big angels and the medium-sized angels, praying for them to bless us and keep us happy and keep us safe and keep us well.


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