Jul. 31st, 2006


Jul. 31st, 2006 12:57 am
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Thanks, everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes.

I had a marvelous day! The play went well. I got to spend time with my old very best ever friend who I never see or talk to anymore and another two from a group of us who were inseparable for several years till work, families, etc. changed all of our lives. My nine year old niece got to see me in a play for the first time. My castmates got me a cake and sang to me at the cast party.

And in foolishness news, there was a wonderful guy. We got along really well, were so incredibly on the same wavelength about things I *never* find people on my wavelength about and he seemed equally amazed. It was uncanny. We talked far longer than we should have after the play yesterday, (especially given the heat and the fact that he most likely had mild sunstroke) but it was just so wonderful! I "loaned" him two of my books - with my address and phone number in them - and think he might try to come up to sing with us at the session my friend and I run. At the party tonight he finally managed to untangle himself from the other guys and came to sit with me, looking a little starry eyed, and started to ask me questions about a song I'd sung, but at just that moment our host insisted on herding us all outside where we stayed in a circle all talking till the guy finally with reluctance said he had to leave as he had to work in the morning and the party broke up. I so could have whacked my friend/the host over the head!

Sadly, he has a girlfriend and lives just over an hour away. Thus the foolishness part of it.

But even to have a friendship with someone I can talk to like that would be so great. And frankly, it's been a really long time since I had a guy who wasn't creepy/scary look at me like that and show such interest and tell me how amazing I am. *sighs*


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